Why does the receptionist need to ask what’s wrong with me?

Leesbrook Surgery

Get medical help near you

  1. Answer questions about your main symptom.
  2. Find out when and where to get help.
  3. Be contacted by a nurse, if needed.


Image result for translate icon If you require an interpreter, please let us know.

We can arrange an interpreter to be present at your appointment.

Access the online appointment system

How to Make an Appointment

  • Book online via Patient Access
  • Telephone the surgery
  • Call personally at the surgery

Please let us know in good time if you are unable to keep your appointment so we can allocate it to another patient
By sharing your mobile phone number with us when you book, you will be sent a reminder, allowing you to cancel via our new text service

We regret to advise that repeated failure to attend booked appointments may result in removal from our list, to ensure that our other patients get a good level of access to our services

If you arrive late for your appointment by 10 or more minutes, you may not be seen, and may need to re-book your appointment.

Please do not text the practice to book an appointment.

Emergency Appointments

If you feel the appointment you are offered is not soon enough, please tell the receptionist. We will always try to see you when time allows, and we will always see you quickly if your condition is medically urgent

At an ‘urgent appointment’ you will be seen by the advanced nurse practitioner/duty doctor of the day. There will not be time to do routine examinations such as blood pressure checks, or issue repeat prescriptions

We will address any issues of immediate medical urgency and book a routine appointment for any non-urgent or follow-up care


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

You can cancel by replying “cancel” to your text message reminder, online, or by phone.

Text Reminders

If you have received an appointment reminder for an appointment you did not book or are otherwise unaware of, please contact the practice. This may have been booked in error!

In order to receive text reminders, we must have your up-to-date mobile number. You can update this by calling or visiting the surgery.

Sycamore offers a mobile phone text reminder service via a company called MJog

The advantage of the text reminder service is that you can easily cancel by texting back ‘cancel’ without needing to get through to us on the telephone, providing convenience to you and freeing appointments for other patients in a timely manner

Since using the mobile text reminder service, we have cut the number of missed appointments by around 58 per month, so increasing appointment availability and convenience for all our patients

Please do not use the text messaging service to request medication, or send concerns that you would otherwise require an appointment for. This is not what the text service is for, and you will always receive a higher level and quality of care by physically seeing a doctor or nurse.