If you can’t order your medication on Patient Access (you see a padlock symbol, or it says your practice hasn’t enabled this feature) please click this link, and follow the steps to resolve this:

Can’t order medication online – step by step for patients

If this doesn’t help and you’re still having problems, please phone the practice

Service Status

If you are having issues logging onto Patient Access, please click here to check the service status.

Click here to login

If You Have Your Registration Letter, Please Click Here to Set Up Online Access

For a Demonstration of Online Medical Records Access, Please Click Here

 Update Your Details

To ensure our records are up to date and accurate, could you please update your details if and when they change. To do this you can print out this form and hand it in to reception.

Alternatively you can complete this online form and send your details to us directly.

 How do I get online? How do I get a registration letter?

Standard Web Services Access

With Standard Web Services Access you will be able to do the following for yourself and for your family members:

  • View available appointments and select the date and time that is most convenient for you
  • Order your repeat medication and send us short medication-related queries

With Web Access, you will no longer need to wait until we’re open to ring for an appointment or wait on the ‘phone, while we attend to other patients

For a Standard Web Services Access registration letter,  please just ask at the reception desk when you next visit Sycamore

You may request standard services access for yourself and for any family member, including older adult relatives

Equally, you can book your first appointment online by pre-registering here and request a registration letter when you attend

Full Medical Records Access

We actively encourage all patients over the age of 18 years to gain password access to their full medical records

There are two steps involved:

Step 1: Please read this information sheet

Step 2: Print-off and sign this form. Bring it with your photo ID and one proof-of-address

We then authorise full records access on our systems and issue you with a registration letter, if you need one

Advantages of Online Access

  • All Standard Web Services Access features and also –
  • View your test results – Lab Tests Online (UK) can be used to help you to interpret these
  • Read hospital letters and check on past, current and planned treatment
  • Check your medical history, view your immunisation record
  • Feel in control of your own health
  • Safety and quality: Help us to ensure that your information and our agreed management plans are accurate and up-to-date

For more information:  NHS England Video:  Using Patient Online To Improve Services