Spokesperson Nomination

If you’d like to give permission for someone you trust to discuss your medical records with us on your behalf, please print this form and send it to us once you have filled in the details.

General Medical Practice

Family Planning

We provide a full family planning service, apart from coil fitting which can be arranged at the family planning clinic

Cervical Smears

In line with national policy, we recommend a cervical smear test every 3 years for a woman between the ages of 25-49 and 5 yearly from 50-64 years of age. These are usually carried out by the practice nurse.

Minor Surgery

We provide a limited minor injury service of joint injections

Ante-Natal (mothers-to-be)

We provide full antenatal care for pregnant ladies. A midwife attends the surgery every Tuesday afternoon.

Message from Tom Collins at Walsall Healthcare:

We have just launched a survey to help us find out about parent(s) experiences of using Community Midwife & Health Visitor services in Walsall. the closing date is early March 2020.

We will collate the results and publish a report that will be shared publicly, with stakeholders and of course the LMS network.

Could you please promote the link to network organisations so that they may involve any parents about to give birth and parents that have had a child in the last 12 months that have accessed this service. The link to the survey is below.

Link: https://engagingcommunities.researchfeedback.net/s.asp?k=157864653066&fbclid=IwAR018VLzW_A1AUzW4oQBRe5VGhKo5RWBn05_XC25q9u0ipKyGMY3QMs9PSo

Child Health Clinic including Vaccinations

We provide full Child Health Surveillance in line with national & local guidelines. Health Visitors attend the surgery on Wednesday mornings and at at other times – enquire at reception.

Please bring your child’s “Red Book” to all child health clinics.

Travel Vaccinations

These are available from the practice nurses. Please see our Vaccinations page for more details.

Please note that some travel vaccines are not available on the NHS and are provided only as a private service by the practice.

Privacy Room

Although we don’t have a nominated privacy room, we will try to make one available for breast feeding, contagious diseases and if you wish to discuss matters with a receptionist in private.